"The truth is, there are neurobiological and psychological reasons you are attracted to a specific type of person and why you keep choosing people who end up disappointing you, not being ready for what you’re ready for, or not treating you like a priority." -Dr. Tari

Dr. Tari has appeared on Access Hollywood as a Celebrity Relationship Expert, is the Resident Relationship Expert on WGN Daytime Chicago and has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Glamour UK and more, providing relationship advice and insight for a worldwide audience. As a Clinical Psychologist, she has helped thousands of people just like you navigate relationships and find the love they dream of.

I can tell you exactly what is holding you back in love and why your relationships are not working out. You don’t have to keep repeating the same disappointing relationship patterns over and over again and hoping for a different result.

What is Unconscious Attraction?


  • First, you receive access to an in-depth questionnaire, over 40 questions long. It covers your childhood, self-view, love history, coping style, emotional models, interpersonal skills, heartbreak (and more) that keep you stuck in the same dead end relationship patterns. These psychological and historical drivers dictate the way we show up in relationships and the extent to which we can effectively give and receive love.

  • Next, Dr. Tari studies the data from the questionnaire and synthesizes a personalized report just for you that will tell you exactly who you are unconsciously wired to be attracted to, what unmet needs you are trying to fulfill and how you potentially sabotage and block love without knowing it.

  • 48-72 hours after the form is Completed, you will receive a personal email from Dr. Tari that includes a personal voice note assessment so you will know exactly where you need to focus your growth, healing and attention in order to access and create healthy love.



A past client of mine, Emily, came to me after another failed relationship. She was heartbroken and lost. What began as a whirlwind romance slowly started to shift into a relationship where the man she was dating started to withdraw, put in less effort and slowly make her less of a priority. Eventually the relationship ended and Emily was left sad, confused and hopeless.

It was no surprise to me that, after we dove into her last relationships, I found that this was a similar pattern that played out over and over again for Emily. But why? I knew exactly why. It’s called Unconscious Attraction. Emily continued to choose the same type of man and to play the same role in her relationships. Her whole adult life, Emily choose partners based on who she was attracted to and had chemistry with and when she found that person she would typically take on the same role in her relationships because it’s what she knew and how she thought loved worked. All of this was based on old unconscious programming, outdated and faulty templates of love, and driven by unmet needs that Emily had been trying to get met from childhood. Like all of us, she had no idea this was what was happening or even that she was playing out these same patterns with the same types of partners over and over again!

After Emily received her Unconscious Attraction Reading, everything began to change. Emily became of aware of qualities that she needed to be looking for in a partner, knew exactly what red flags to avoid (ones that would have attracted her in the past), and how she needed to show up in a healthier and more aligned way to create love and build an solid, healthy, and joyful relationship.

She no longer used her outdated and childish coping strategies in her dating life and stepped into a new role in her relationships. She no longer chooses partners who were incapable of healthy love, no matter how much chemistry she had with them, and soon she began to meet higher quality partners who were ready for the kind of relationship she was ready for.

Had Emily not made her Unconscious Attraction Conscious, she would likely still be cycling through relationships with the wrong men. Instead, today, Emily is dating an amazing, healthy man who shows up consistently and is excited about building a relationship with her.

After we began our work, I taught her how to shift her attraction and rewire her brain and behavior so she began to show up differently in dating and was no longer attracted to or attracting the kind of man that would gradually pull away. I want to do the same for you!! Give yourself this gift that will finally show you what needs to change to attract the love you’ve always wanted. You deserve healthy, joyful love. And I want to show you how to get it.

Dr. Tari is a Clinical Psychologist, not just a coach. Come and experience the difference.

"I will tell you exactly what is holding you back in love and what you need to do to access it"- This is the DR. TARI difference.

“It would take a year of therapy to learn what I learned with Dr. Tari”

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Core Belief

What we long for is meant for us and no one can save us or make us happy  - we have to learn to do that for ourselves. What we want is waiting for us and we have to do the work to access it. Life should be peaceful and joyful and we get tests/lessons in life based on what we need to learn and how we need to grow. These tests and lessons show up in our dating life as well. Everything is always working out for us, our thoughts create our reality, what we focus on grows, and the quality of our life depends on our thoughts and actions.